Pressure relief in the oil and gas industry

It is not without reason that rupture discs have their origin in the oil and gas industry: various parts of the plant are protected by rupture discs from unwanted overpressure and vacuum. They can be used as the sole pressure protection, as secondary protection in addition to a safety valve or in front of a safety valve. 

The biggest advantages for you as an operator: REMBE® rupture discs always clear the entire cross section, thus allowing the fastest possible pressure relief. In addition, they are absolutely leak-tight (zero leakage) and fail safe - your most important element for plant safety.

REMBE® rupture discs are used in the oil and gas industry for the pressure relief of 

  • Separators
  • Containers (e.g. Desalters)
  • Drilling equipment (pressure relief and “pressure activation”)
  • Steam boilers and boilers
  • Flare stack systems (short: torches, flares)
  • Coke drums
  • Columns (e.g. distillation columns)
  • Condensers
  • Polymerization catalysts
  • Pumps and compressors
  • Reactors / reaction vessels and regenerators  
  • Pipelines, including steam lines
  • Steam-crackers  
  • Heat exchangers (e.g. tube-bundle heat exchangers, DC heat exchangers) and gas coolers

Our rupture discs are installed within all process steps, from gas and oil production up to further processing to plastics and other end products.

Your advantages when using REMBE® rupture discs

  • We supply rupture discs for all pressure and temperature ranges
  • If necessary, you will receive individual connections, nominal pipe sizes and designs - tailored to your existing system and the present process requirements
  • With rupture discs like the KUB® you will always be provided with the same holder in several different installation locations, with the option to use a rupture disc with a certain burst pressure without having to change the holder.
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