REMBE® Rush Order - the fastest way to get your customized rupture disc

What is your daily turnover worth? Certainly more than you can afford to lose!


In the event of unexpected overpressure, you need your installed rupture discs to be replaced quickly. Having them on stock would cost you every day, not knowing if or when you need them.

Therefore, REMBE® offers our Rush Order Service that guarantees you immediate production of your rupture disc, whether it is a spare disc or a brand new application.

Rely on more than 45 years of experience in development and production of high end rupture discs.

Most Rush Orders can be delivered within 2 to 4 days – worldwide.

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"How many rush orders have I had? No idea! Obviously, no one is overjoyed if they’re suddenly called out to work at Christmas. But it’s a great feeling when you succeed in building a rupture disc within the shortest possible time, so that your customer can start up their system again. And getting away from the family over Christmas for a bit may actually be quite a relief for some ;)."

Torsten Knepel, expert in rupture discs and rush orders

I’ve been in the REMBE® Shipping Department for 26 years. Normally all the products are brought to us for packaging. It’s different with rush orders, when we need to go out into Production from time to time, give a hand and then take the finished explosion vents along straight away

Hubertus Weber, REMBE® veteran and shipping professional

You want to know more about REMBE® Rush Order Service?

The following story show up how Rush Orders proceed.

REMBE® is fast but just before Christmas, however, fast wasn’t good enough.  Lightning speed was almost too slow. Below is the record of events.


Monday – 20.12.

Only four days until Christmas and Brilon is snowed under. At REMBE® the final few projects are being wrapped up. The atmosphere is good; everyone is looking back happily at an eventful and successful year. Then, a call from Egypt at noon: an equipment manufacturer urgently requires a holder and six KUB® bursting discs for his client.

Georg Vonnahme, rupture disc specialist and REMBE® employee since 1991, accepts after running a quick check. The order is go: the holder is already in stock and the bursting discs can be produced quickly.

3.30 p.m.

Outside, a snowstorm is on its way and it's getting turbulent at REMBE® too. The customer has turned one holder request into three and six bursting discs into ten, including ASME certification and TUV inspection for safety. And all this at lightning speed please: by Thursday 23.12. – and it' s Monday already!

3.40 p.m.

Further changes to the order: six holders, twelve KUB® bursting discs with compatible excess flow valves and pressure gauges. Luckily, because of REMBE® rupture discs' excellent reputation, TUV inspection and ASME certificate are not needed. 72 hours until shipment. Not much time at all. The holder materials are in Holland and the plant in Holland is closed for the holidays.

5.00 p.m.

The revised order has gone out. Shipment is at 9.30 the following morning. Now to clarify material and transport issues. The challenges seem overwhelming so soon before Christmas. But after twelve Rush Order requests the week before the mood is confident at REMBE®: this last pre-Christmas job can be completed in time.


Tuesday – 21.12.

The forecasted snow chaos has arrived. Major traffic disruptions in the Sauerland (where REMBE® is located). No one is going to make it safely to work on time today.

08.45 a.m.

Raw material requests are hotly debated with the relevant suppliers. Time is pressing – in the evening the material has to be on the saw in Brilon.

09.00 a.m.

The customer makes further changes to his order. They now require delivery within 24 hours.

09.10 a.m.

The first packaging requirements come in. Packaging has to be in small, manageable, inconspicuous cases. These rupture discs will be transported as hand luggage to Egypt.

09.45 a.m.

Verbal confirmation of the final order.

10.15 a.m.

… and now written confirmation!

11.00 a.m.

While a third material distributor proves cooperative and takes on the order – The REMBE® dispatch driver gets ready for collection. The first six rings should be ready by late afternoon, the rest by the next morning. But it goes better than expected for REMBE®: at 7 p.m. all the rings are delivered to the nightshift. Despite icy temperatures outside, the dispatch driver sweats behind the wheel. With twelve newly burned rings in his vehicle he certainly won't need any heating!


Wednesday – 22.12.

Production of the holder and rupture discs is in full swing. Everyone at the REMBE® plant is giving it their very best. For the packaging, eight sample cases are being converted into the requested luggage. Meanwhile, in Egypt two employees from the client's company are boarding a plane to Germany.


Thursday – 23.12.

06.00 a.m.

Done! Holders and bursting discs are finished, checked, cleaned and packed according to specification. The dispatch driver transports the goods to the Ruhr through heavy snow flurries. There they are handed over to the Egyptians – not just on time but a full twelve hours ahead of schedule.

10.40 a.m

Another customer call, this time from the highest level: a personal thank you to all involved. They are impressed and highly satisfied in Egypt.

10.45 a.m.

At REMBE® HQ there is also great satisfaction at a job well done.  Bring on Christmas. And Rush Orders – they're no problem for REMBE®.


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