German roots, international success: Around 35 representatives from all over the world visited the Sauerland between 3-6 July for the third REX convention at the family-owned company REMBE® in Brilon, Germany. The purpose of the three-day event was to provide continuing professional development to REMBE® safety experts, who represent their bursting discs and explosion protection safety devices all over the world.


“Sauerland secures Nutella production”

One example of this came from Andreas Hansen and Dr. Francesco Petruzzelli, employees at REMBE®’s Italian subsidary, who described competently and with Italian spirit how they managed to win an important contract with the multinational company Ferrero: “Mamma mia,” both exclaimed, “the Sauerland has secured Nutella production!” Outside, REMBE® engineer Roland Bunse demonstrated high explosives to an amazed audience of visitors. After the exciting explosions he remarked impassively: “Well that certainly wouldn’t have happened with a REMBE® bursting disc.”

Safety guaranteed by tradition.

Managing Director Stefan Penno emphasises how important the location of Brilon is for the company’s international success: “Our Sauerland roots represent the security that we guarantee our customers.” The fact that production takes place exclusively at the German plant in Brilon sets this traditional company apart from its competitors. REMBE® China manager Ben Liang is convinced: “The ‘Made in Germany’ stamp of quality is a door-opener, especially in Asia.”

Patented vision.

Yet this sense of tradition is only one side to REMBE®’s success. Because we in the Sauerland don’t just know where we come from, we know where we’re going too. It is here that our REMBE® engineers are working diligently on new innovations. It comes as no surprise, then, that there have been attempts to copy patented REMBE® inventions abroad, to no avail of course. Friedhelm Kesting has been the plant manager and REMBE® employee for more than 35 years. He perhaps best represents the combination of groundedness and international vision typical of REMBE®. He confidently leads the international REX delegation through the factory building in Brilon, proudly showing the brand new laser equipment, custom-built for REMBE®’s specific needs, introducing workers to the guests, and answering questions. Friedhelm does all of this with typical Sauerland aplomb, and all in English. To sum up the REX convention: everyone got along wonderfully. And it wasn’t just the Chinese visitors who continually praised the climate: “The fresh air here is simply marvellous!”

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